As much as I have desperately wanted to blog about this, there has always been something inside me that stopped it. I can never really explain why, but as far as letting the cat out of the bag goes, I quit my job on 18-Jan-2019 this year. I can quite easily, (and honestly, if I […]


The Finney Archives – Being an anointed church musician

It is interesting that as a church musician, you are the bridge between the worship leader and the congregation. The worship leader leads the congregation in co-operation with the musician, and interestingly enough, (most of) the congregation feed off the music and musician’s ability to make them feel like karaoke stars! If you’re shocked by this, you need to remember that the act of praise and worship is the means by which we express joy and gratitude to God, and while individual skills are subjective, you will notice more of the congregation (and sometimes even the worship team) join in better when they feel they are able to sing along without fear of making a mistake and when musicians help augment the energy, even the groove.

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My first music tutorial!

…And we’ve finally done it! Three hours that include planning and setting up the Nikon D5500*, re-arranging the living room, trying to think about what I should say and probably more importantly, what I shouldn’t, and a few takes later, we have some fifteen minutes of usable video, and then lunch and a few hours […]

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