Build my PC IV: GPU

As far as 2020 is concerned, PC builders have never before been so spoilt for GPU choice, and as amusing as it sounds, we have even more choice available shortly. But before I get ahead of myself, what choice?

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Build my PC – IV: Cabinet

Finally! My building a computer blog is almost complete, and a part of me is already salivating (not literally, you understand) about the prospect of the next project I can use to supplement my rather limited literary presence online. To be perfectly honest, I vastly underestimated the sheer volume of information our brains assimilate once […]

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Build my PC – IV: CPU Cooler

The CPU Cooler Chances are, depending upon your choice of CPU, you would need to get an aftermarket thermal solution for your CPU, aka the CPU cooler. However, they also serve an additional aesthetic purpose if you, (like me) want your PC to be a showcase of your artistic er… impulses – I’m sure the featured […]

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Build my PC – IV: CPU

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) The CPU is the brain of your computer, inasmuch as it does the primary ‘thinking’ of your computer. There are volumes to be said about the CPU, and I, (sadly or thankfully, depending upon your thinking) can’t be bothered to. What I can tell you, and I will, is that […]

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If you really think about it, the display is going to be the one thing you look at the most with a computer – it does not matter how beautiful (or conversely, how drab) your PC looks – you look at the display for most everything!


Build my PC – II

This is not (just) a blog about a computer build! This is a showcase of what is possible if you actually set your mind to following even the smallest of your dreams! The joy of bringing even one of your cherished, long-harbored-but-never-undertaken dreams to life! Or more to the point, a journey that would encourage you, the reader to finally go out and do what you have always dreamed of doing, before fleeting youth and the inevitability of time put a stopper to such imaginations and desires as this.

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As much as I have desperately wanted to blog about this, there has always been something inside me that stopped it. I can never really explain why, but as far as letting the cat out of the bag goes, I quit my job on 18-Jan-2019 this year. I can quite easily, (and honestly, if I […]