Top 10 influences – Music / Songs

08 Top 10 songs

10 songs, off the top of your head, that have influenced me, and by extension, my music). Here’s mine, in no particular order.

1. A Change of Seasons [Dream Theater(1993) A Change of Seasons]
The song that introduced me to Dream Theater (it was actually the 2001 Live Scenes From New York version which you can check out here) but I’ve included both the versions in the dropbox link.

2. Telegraph Road [Dire Straits(1982) Love Over Gold]
Vintage Mark Knopfler in possibly the best song Dire Straits ever made. Just beautiful!

3. Bohemian Rhapsody [Queen (2009) Absolute Greatest Hits]
What can I say! The song, literally speaks, or sings for itself. An operatic performance in a 5 min song? Oh yeah!

4. Change The World With Love [Heaven’s Magic]
My first childhood crush was the girl who sang this song… I have no idea who, but at that age, all I cared about was that voice! Of course, the funniest part of all for me was my cousin Praveen falling in love with the same girl/voice once he grew up!

5. Hazard [Richard Marx (1998) Greatest Hits]
There’s something amazing about a sad song, and Richard Marx is… well, you will have to listen to the song to understand what I’m on about!

6. A Mighty Fortress [The Celebrant Singers (1996) I Will Rejoice In The Lord]
One of the most beautifully arranged songs I have ever heard! Crchestral and Choir, and to think Christian music was this good once upon a time! Little wonder then, that Celebrant Singers is one of my two all-time favorite artists. Worth a listen, even if you don’t (won’t) listen to Gospel!

7. Let’s Get Rocked [Def Leppard (1995) Vault]
Def Leppard  are the best at Rock music vocal harmony – and “Let’s Get Rocked” stands out here because I love the lyrics to bits too for once

8. First Love [Petra (1988) All Fired Up]
Established John W. Schlitt forever as the greatest vocalist I’ve ever listened to – he gets so many different tones from his voice, and goes through over 2 octaves effortlessly, all while (thankfully!) not sounding like Cher or Yolanda Adams!

9. Enter Sandman [Metallica (1991) Black]
The song, no, the SOUND that got me into drumming! Possibly the greatest sounding drum track of all time?

10. You Keep Me Running [MLTR (1993) Colours]
I guess it was MLTR that got me into keyboarding… True, the first song I learnt to play by myself was “Paint My Love” and yet, I love this song more.

That’s it people… Do feel free to share your list in the comments section!


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