The way to a man’s heart – Green Theory

And here’s another result of one of those whimsical restaurant choices when you are hungry and it is rather late for lunch, and you aren’t thinking as clearly as you would otherwise…

Green Theory identifies itself as an Italian, salad & health-food café, and as first impressions go, I confess I completely bypassed my brain’s over zealous distrust circuitry and skipped straight to finding how close the restaurant was to where I was located, and how easy I could find my way to the place* (I suppose a picture or two, being worth more than a thousand words, had something to do with it).

First things first, the café is located in a beautiful part of Bangalore, and even for that reason alone would be worth your visit, and obviously that is even before we get to the food! Idyllic and serene, with shrubbery all around, and even pet friendly, if you are particular about something like that (popular for being eco friendly, Zomato claims!). The place has a nicely rustic interior seating area, albeit small, whereas there are a lot of outdoor seating options, a tiny pebbled stream, and even mango trees that subscribe to Newton’s law of gravity**

Of course, due no doubt to the afore mentioned short circuitry (in my brain as well as the missus’, coincidentally), the first time I had any inkling of the food was when I opened the menu and realised with a shock that I had walked in to a vegan and Jain-friendly café, while hungry enough to gobble a horse. Never mind, worse mistakes have been made in the past, one could argue, and Little Italy is one of my all time favourite restaurants in Bangalore and that’s purely vegetarian again!

The menu options were certainly interesting, and famished as we were, we ordered the ‘Crispy Corn with Salt & Pepper” starter, which was extremely delicious and looked simply amazing, a “Mr. Potato” burger for the missus (she doesn’t approve of pizzas, you see) and a mushroom pasta for yours truly. We both felt seasoning needed a boost on pretty much all the food, but that could probably go along with the health food vib(c)e, and they simply didn’t match the foodgasm that was the corn starter. The health drinks didn’t really fire up my curiosity and we settled for some health-friendly mineral water instead. Got some great pictures though.

The service was quick and the idyllic sense that prevailed effortlessly contributed to the café demeanour. A word to the cleanliness freaks though – I’m not sure if the pet friendliness or outdoor seating contributes, but the outdoor seating area wasn’t exactly what one would describe as spic-and-span…

Food: 3.5/5

Ambience: 4/5 (would have been higher if it felt cleaner)

Service: 3.5/5 (slow, but fits with what you’d expect of an idyllic café)
* even considering I’m a strong proponent of Google maps, the woeful network connectivity in Bangalore that passes for what Airtel claims to be India’s fastest data network and my ‘acute’ sense of direction work in tandem to get me to boldly go where no man has gone before

** no, really!








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