I still find it ludicrous to believe that something we finished recording in under three hours, which included, in this case, opening a church, booting up a digital mixer*, turning on enough lights to bathe the church in a the sort of warm glow not unlike the Mysore palace at night, and then of course, setting up the camera, the keyboard (Korg PA588 in this case), sound check, and of course, spending nearly an hour troubleshooting the PC recording application before it finally worked, and then proceeding to blabber away for 3 to 4 takes before I finally locked in on what I wanted to say, needed twelve more hours of editing – TWELVE! – before we could finally deem it youtube worthy!

Never before have I got to understand how relatively simple several steps in video editing can be (I got to even work in parallel with my wife serval times for this video) – and of course, how much of a dummy I still seem to be with video editing, and the limitless complications that my mind simply refuses to comprehend**

Of course, the first two hours of editing were required simply because we managed to get the glow of the church in completely the wrong white balance, as a result of which, I managed to get myself looking properly orange, which you might well find worthy of a ‘ROFL’ since my skin has the true complexion of something that has been deep fried by a novice cook***

I truly believe all the additional effort paid off. This time, I got to include tips, points to remember, 16 chord variations that we created one by one on some online version of what looked like photoshop but didn’t need software installed on the computer (which I thought was really cool), and the biggest surprise I could give all of you – I got wifey dearest to sing at the end****

Do check out the video and let us know if you liked it! Do share! Subscribe! Your comments and suggestions are welcome, as always!

*Allen & Heath Qu-32, for those of you who are interested in such titbits (I know I am!)

**that Shiny does as second nature!

***well beyond golden brown

****let’s face it; she does sound a lot better than me singing!


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