The way to a man’s heart – Genuine Broaster Chicken

So, there is this new outlet in Koramangala 6th block, right at the Ooty Chocolates corner, that claims to provide fresh, succulent and crispy fried chicken, but with 50% less oil! Being rather health conscious (admittedly one of the more recent phenomenons brought about by increasing gut-sizes), I was quite curious, not the least because, I do not know about the majority of Indian KFC and McDonalds fans, but after tasting their equivalents in Singapore, I have been left with the distinct feeling we Indians are being short-changed in terms of the quality of food, from the non-existent cheeseburgers to chicken* to the fries and the coffee**

Of course, I’d been watching while they constructed this outlet at the busy Ooty Chocolates junction, but the place began to take shape, and they brought about this vintage post-50’s vibe that was quite charming to look at.

So, decided to walk over (considering the busy junction, and then got informed they have valet parking, which is always a boon here in Bangalore) and found a beautifully lit place, full of charm (and the obligatory Elvis poster). Turns out, that bit about the “broasting” process is true – that the chicken is first pressure cooked, to soften the meat, and then deep fried to get the crispness. So, moment of truth then – was it going to be any good?

The short answer? Yes! The chicken was delightfully succulent, and soft, and crispy, and the batter deserves a special mention – the closest thing to it I can imagine is that it looked like Heston Blumenthal‘s version of Fish & Chips as aired on Masterchef Australia, full of very light batter and lots of (actually very tasty) crispy bits! As for the big question, YES! It is a hundred times better than the crispy chicken you get with KFC and a lot more flavorful! Of course, knowing Indians and our penchant for “oh no, this is not spicy at all, they had decided to compromise by going with three different dips – one mango chilli chutney, which was delicious; one thai sweet chilli dip and a cheesy jalapeno dip, where I thought the balance could be a bit more jalapeno. All in all, delicious, and I do hope they do not change their original recipe under pressure!

Wifey dearest decided to order a very non-american, chinese inspired burger with chicken strips and noodles, which was quite an interesting east-west fusion if you ask me!

As far as desserts went, I was forced to give up on the salted caramel chocolate lava cake because they had had some issue with the caramel (my luck!!), but their gulkhand muffin (inspired by renowned chef Harpal Singh) was a very interestingly flavoured muffin, if a bit too dry for my tastes.

All in all, a great first experience and a place I have instantly vowed to check out again and again!

Oh, and it was nice to see the lovely proprietor come over to every table, and talk to us about our views and even insist on taking pictures with us. We, for our part have told her this “broaster” idea is an absolute winner, and India, and Bangalore needs more places that showcase just how delicious proper fried chicken can be, without needing to be smothered in spice and heat the way we Indians tend to love! I believe adding a properly fiery dip should tip the scales considerably in their favor!

Food: 4.5/5

Ambience: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Pricing: 4/5

*is it still chicken and not that weird red, skinless mutant that kept appearing on social media in the hopes that we carnivores would boycott KFC? I mean, seriously? Me boycott the X-Men equivalent of chicken?!

**Here’s looking at you, McDonalds!


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