John Finney was born in July, 1983 to a pastoral* family in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. His life has been a bewildering sequence of events, ideas, concepts, arguments and music that has so far kept him busy and entertained.

A self-proclaimed crab in the sense that he tends to have six different things he tends to be interested in at any given time, but can only do one (cos he’s a guy, and obviously cannot multi-task), and ends up moving sideways** through most of his life, he has managed to, albeit narrowly, avoid going over the edge of what Cristian Mihai writes about so beautifully in his article, and has now decided to help like-minded hitchhikers and the lost and the weary in finding new direction.

He would like to think he understands a wide variety of people even if he has no Psychology degree, owing to the fact that he believes (1) he is mostly harmless and (2) that he is an interesting cocktail of one part realist, one part logicist, one part lucid, one part hedonist, one part narcissist, one part spiritual and one part euphonic. He’d also like to think seven is the perfect number, and as such, still tries to attain the 7 hours of sleep per day nirvana.

He has also fallen in love, over and over again with books, with music, with ideas and concepts, with comics and movies, with motorbikes and cars, machines and musical instruments, food and drink, and has had this insane idea that he wants to blog about it all, and hence the tagline – Life, the Universe, and everything; up to, and including heaven, hell and everything in between!

* which explains the occasional deeply religious facet of this blog

** hence, the crab!

You can reach him on Facebook; Google+; Twitter; LinkedIn; Email

If you like this blog, do consider writing to him – he really would like to know more about you!


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