My first music tutorial!

…And we’ve finally done it! Three hours that include planning and setting up the Nikon D5500*, re-arranging the living room, trying to think about what I should say and probably more importantly, what I shouldn’t, and a few takes later, we have some fifteen minutes of usable video, and then lunch and a few hours […]

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The Universal Language

  When I originally conceived this blog, the plan was to quite literally write about “life, the universe and everything”! Being extraverted and quite nerdy (not to mention a Trekkie), I’d figured it would be logical to write from my not-inconsiderable topics of interest, to give wings to my passions and let them soar, farther […]

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Top 10 Review tracks

It is time for another list of 10! This time, another topic very close to me heart – music, obviously. Instead of trying to come up with 10 favorite songs*, I’ve decided to put up a more rarefied list if you will, of my favorite tracks for reviewing sound systems. [Additionally, it makes for (a) […]

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